Les âmes urbaines du photographe Eric Perriard - Photo

Cette série, Urban Souls, est le fruit du travail du photographe français Eric Perriard

Son but était d'enquêter sur les changements démographiques mondiaux des dernières années. En effet, depuis 2008 et pour la première fois dans l'histoire de l'Humanité, les zones urbaines sont plus peuplées que les zones rurales.

Le photographe commente : 

"While wandering in Seoul City, I was looking to catch the instant when an isolated character encounters a moment of self-realization. I tried to capture their individuality, thoughts, and feelings such as loneliness or introspection. Has living in cities truly become part of human nature, or are we still adapting ourselves in order to survive? By keeping a certain distance from the subject, I could preserve the tension between the city and its inhabitant in order to start thinking about the human condition in a megalopolis."


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