L'Irak vu par la fenêtre d'un blindé par Benjamin Lowy - Photographie

Cette série date de 2005. 
Lawy montre l'Irak telle que vue à travers la fenêtre d'un blindé américain.

Voilà comment il décrit son travail :

"I began this project as a response to what I felt what the general inability of people back home to comprehend what Iraq is like. Most people have never really seen or felt the effect of war. Confronted by a level of violence so high that walking on the streets to photograph is tantamount to suicidal behavior, I found myself confined to working with American soldiers, spending most of my time going on various missions while looking at the landscape of this broken country. My only view was through the inches-thick bulletproof window of an Army Humvee."


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